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Recyclable Items

What To Recycle In Midland

These are the items that Citizens Collection Station or BRI take.  Citizens Collection Station is also the location to properly dispose of yard waste and large items such as appliances and household furniture. Don't forget, we also have Texas Recycles Day where our recyclable list is expanded. 

Citizens Collection Station is located at 4100 Smith Road and is for Midland residents only.  BRI is located at 26 W. Industrial and is for both commercial and residential recycling.  

For more locations and a complete listing of what each business takes, please see our Recycle Locations page. For videos on what and how to recycle, please see our Videos & PowerPoint Presentations page.

**All plastics, cans and paper should be emptied out of the plastic bags.  Those bags are considered contamination when they are put in the containers.  The ONLY EXCEPTION is shredded paper.  Shredded paper should be in a bag when placed into the Paper Container.


Acceptable Items

  • #1 & #2 Plastics ONLY
    • No plastic bags.  Items should be loose. 
    • Empty and rinse.
    • Caps are OK.
    • No large items or industrial grade plastics.          (5 gallon buckets, plastic storage bins, or 30 gallon drums) 
    • Examples of #1 Plastics: Water and soda bottles, peanut butter containers, salad dressing containers, vegetable oil containers, etc.
    • Examples of #2 Plastics: Milk jugs, juice bottles, detergent and household cleaner bottles, shampoo bottles, etc.
    • No plastic wrap.
    • No plastic packaging.
    • No bubble wrap. 
  • Cardboard
    • Please flatten boxes.
      • Remove all packaging.
      • No packaging materials.
      • No bubble wrap. 
      • No plastic materials. 
      • No waxy cardboard.
      • No paper.
      • Chip board is ok(colored cardboard/like cereal boxes)
      • Yes to brown paper bags
      • Yes to brown packing paper 
  • Paper
    • No magazines.
    • No gift wrap or gift paper.
    • No tissue paper.
    • No slick paper. 
    • No cardboard.    
    • Yes to phone books.
  • Aluminum Cans Only
    • Please flatten to save room. 
    • No foil.
    • No foil-based products. 
    • No tin cans.(pet food or soup cans)

Not Acceptable Items

  • Plastic Trashbags
  • Household Garbage
  • Glass
  • Styrofoam
  • Electronics
  • Coated Paper Products (No Waxy Substance)
  • Dirty Recyclables
  • Medicine Bottles
  • #3 through #7 plastics
  • No Industrial Grade Plastics
  • Plastic Totes/Flower Pots
  • Dog or Cat Food Bags



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